Founder/CEO, Molten Industries and Co-founder, Swift SolarĀ ([email protected])

Ph.D. Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering (2018)
B.E. Vanderbilt University, Mechanical Engineering (2014)

Kevin is extremely bright in many ways except for his decision to be a Seattle sports fan. In addition to founding multiple companies, Kevin designed and built biogas digestion systems, a remote-controlled amphibious vehicle, a biodiesel-powered ramjet engine, and a 10-foot rocket. As an NSF PhD Fellow, he led the development of record-efficiency perovskite-on-silicon tandems and assisted in the fabrication of the first all-perovskite tandems. He was recently named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Fellow in Energy and spends his free time split among listening to metal, reading textbooks, coming up with creative ab workouts, cooking sous vide style, and thinking about how to catalyze the energy revolution to combat climate change.