Truman Fellow, Sandia National Laboratory ([email protected])

Ph.D. Stanford University, Applied Physics (2020)
B.S. Rice University, Applied Physics (2014)

Aaron is not your average physicist. As an NSF and Ford PhD Fellow, Aaron made a monumental discovery of ferromagnetic behavior in twisted bilayer graphene, a result which has been cited over 1,000 times since publication in 2019. He also earned the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship and the Stanford EDGE-STEM Fellowship. However, more than any of this, Aaron is a builder. He has developed unique tools for manipulating and controlling 2D materials at the atomic scale and has taken an affinity for 3D printing. He has helped multiple groups at Stanford and ASU in addressing research problems by designing and building custom parts for experimental setups. In his free time, he developed a practical lab skills class at Stanford, reached Global Elite status in CounterStrike Go, and became a wonderful dog parent to his adorable Australian shepherd, Roxy.

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