Add page title

Title should be in sentence case. To show more of the background image, edit the row module, go to the Design tab and add bottom padding, starting at 100 px, then adjust from there until you have the desired height. To change the background image, edit the section module and choose a new image.

ASU Sidebar Layout

This page was created using a the Left ASU Sidebar layout. Any content you add to the left sidebar will be in the sidebar “box” with a maroon bar at the top.

Sidebars are driven by Widgets, which can be customized using Appearance > Widgets. Once you create a sidebar, it becomes available in the Sidebar module.

The box is created by adding the CSS class “asu-sidebar-col” in the Advanced tab of the row settings for column 1.  To remove the box, edit the row, go to the Advanced tab, delete the class, Save & Exit, then Update the page. Or delete the row and add a new one.

Edit, Save & Exit, then Update.