We are recruiting undergraduate and master’s students who are interested in renewable energy materials and devices.

The following FURI/MORE projects are currently open.

1. Next-Generation Printable Solar Energy Devices Patterned by Laser Scribing

2. Next-Generation Printable Solid State Electrolytes for Battery Manufacturing 

These projects can begin on a volunteer basis (qualifying for HON 498 research credit for Barrett students) with the intention of submitting a FURI or MORE proposal for funding and continued work in the summer/fall semester. The desired amount of time is at least 5 hours per week, and research will take place at the ASU Research Park. A Lyft partnership allows for free rides between the Research Park and Tempe campus, and there is free parking for students who have a car.

Other opportunities are also available in related areas of perovskite photovoltatics and lithium-based batteries. Please reach out to Nick directly ([email protected]) with your CV and reason for applying.